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DaveDirector of MetroRock Route Setting
Dave Wetmore

Dave started climbing and setting at MetroRock nearly one decade ago and hasn't stopped yet. Having bouldered V14, climbed 5.14, and competed at the World Cup level, he thinks he's really cool. He was recently the head setter for the 2014 Dominion River Rock boulder fest and also took the opportunity to chief the 2013 Citizen's GoPro Mountain Games. As a USAC Level 5 setter for both Adult and Youth ABS Nationals as well as Youth SCS Nationals, Dave has enjoyed helping the Dark Horse Bouldering Series grow since 2009. If he's not at the gym, you can find him getting lost in the woods somewhere in New Hampshire.

Obe CarrionDirector of Coaching
Obe Carrion

Obe Carrion is a 24 year veteran of climbing. At 13 years of age, a climbing gym opened a few blocks from his home in Allentown, PA., sparking one of the most-publicized careers in climbing. In the late 90's and early 00's, he was all over the climbing scene--starring in several films produced by Big UP Productions which cemented his place as a prominent icon in the climbing industry. His career as a competitor culminated in winning Nationals in 2002, cementing his position in the US climbing scene.

Obe’s focus began to wander to other aspects of the climbing industry and he quickly realized his passion and talent for coaching and gained the opportunity to work with some of the best youth competitors in the country. Obe also has worked as a product designer for Mad Rock Climbing including his debut shoe design, the RedLine.

Obe continues his journey as a professional in the climbing industry here at Metro Rock where he's in charge of the trianing and coaching programs, setting routes and sharing his expertise as a climber.