One Day Membership Sale Information

Students must show proper documentation to receive special pricing

Come into MetroROCK to begin your membership!
Members get the following benefits:

  • Access to all MetroRock locations**
  • 15% discount off non-sale items in our gear stores
  • Free Yoga classes
  • Two guest passes a month (gear not included)†
  • 15% off the Lead Climber class
  • A personal pass for a 1 hour session on one of our challenge courses every 3 months
  • Many health insurers will reimburse up to $150 with proof of membership, ask us for details

Please note Memberships are non-refundable. Upfront annual memberships cannot be paused except for medical reasons. Individuals may only be a guest once a month.
**MetroRock membership holders in other, non Brooklyn MetroRock gyms, can utilize their memberships in our Brooklyn location up to 4 days per month without incurring any additional charges. Usage beyond the 4 days will require the purchase of a day pass OR that their membership be transferred, at local prices, to our Brooklyn location.
† For upfront annuals and recurring memberships

Adult Annual Memberships
1st Person to Sign Up$500
2nd Person to Sign Up$530
3rd Person to Sign Up$560
4th Person to Sign Up$590
5th Person to Sign Up$620
6th Person to Sign Up$650
7th Person to Sign Up$680
8th Person to Sign Up (and everyone else who comes in to sign up on August 18th)$710
Student Annual Memberships
1st Person to Sign Up$500
2nd Person to Sign Up$515
3rd Person to Sign Up$530
4th Person to Sign Up$545
5th Person to Sign Up$560
6th Person to Sign Up$575
7th Person to Sign Up$590