Youth Programs

Climbing Programs for Youth
The chart below lists our various school year programs for youth climbers. For more information, please click on the program name. 



NameProgram typeDescriptionCore Age GroupDurationSession lengthPre-reqsPricing
Climbing ClubRecreationalFor climbers who enjoy climbing recreationally under the guidance of an instructor6-13
1.5 hours, 1x week
6 or 7 weeksnone$265/7 week session
includes membership
Rec TeamRecreationalFor climbers who are excited about improving their climbing ability10-14
2 hours, 1-2x week
6 or 7 weeksOne Climbing Club session and/or instructor approval$315/7 week session (1x)
$575/7 week session(2x)
includes membership
Sunday ClubRecreationalFor climbers who are excited about spending an extended period of time in the gym climbing and playing games6-142 hours, 1x week6 or 7 weeksnone$300/7 week session - no membership included
Junior Varsity TeamCompetitiveFor climbers who are committed to increasing their climbing and competition experience11 - 183 hours, 2x week 5 or 10 month seasonsOne Rec Team session and/or coaches’ invitation$175/month
plus $70 gym membership
Varsity TeamCompetitiveFor climbers who make climbing their primary activity with advanced climbing + competition experience12 - 183 hours, 3x week 5 or 10 month commitmentInvitation only$225/month 
plus $70 gym membership

In addition to scheduled programming, walk-ins are encouraged and occur frequently. During regular hours, our facilities are open for bouldering and auto-belays.