Kids Programs

For many children and teens, climbing is a natural inclination - from trees to playgrounds to that boulder in the backyard.

At MetroRock, walk-ins are encouraged and occur frequently. During regular hours, our facilities are open for bouldering, auto-belays, or just hanging out on our slackline. Once the waivers are taken care of for new climbers (NOTE: Waiver must be signed by Parent or LEGAL Guardian), MetroRock staff will fit you with appropriate gear and demonstrate proper use of applicable gear. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the moment and share it with us on one of our social media outlets.

If you're interested in having a staff member guide your child, please call ahead a day or two ahead to reserve a private belay. This will give your child more of the gym to work with and some instruction will help them reach greater heights. The cost for instructor time is $25 per hour, plus the price of a day pass. Instructors can work with up to 5 children at a time.

Birthday parties, scout outings, and overnights are a great way for kids and their friends to climb together and take part in a unique group activity. Our camps, after school programs, and youth team are a great way to further develop your child's interest in climbing. We can also accommodate school field trips, graduation/orientation events, or other large group outings.

For more info on any of our kids offerings, give us a call at 978.499.7625.