Gym to Crag (121)

Let's get outdoors! Our Gym to Crag is a half day class designed to introduce gym climbers to the world of outdoor climbing. Let our professional staff take you to local top rope destinations - we want to make your transition from climbing indoors to outdoors an eye-opening experience that will get you hooked. This is your chance to hone your climbing skills on real rock and gain some real confidence and experience outside of the gym environment!  This class will provide you with the skills to move on to our Top Rope Manager Class

In this class you will learn:

  • How to refine your outdoor belaying skills. 
  • How to improve your communication skills at the crag.
  • How to refine your basic outdoor climbing technique.
  • Intro to concepts like "Leave No Trace," and concepts regarding outdoor climbing courtesy.
  • A look at dvanced outdoor climbing techniques such as crack climbing and bouldering.

Location: Local crags located anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour drive from Boston.


To book a private class, please email us!  
Designed for:Climbers of any ability level who haven't climbed outside before or who want to refine their outdoor climbing skills.
Length:Half day / 5 Hours
Minimum Age:14 (email for exceptions)
Max Ratio:6 Climbers : 1 Instructor
Suggested Pre-req'sIntro to Outdoor Climbing (103) or Indoor Intro Class
Equipment Needed:None. All climbing equipment included!
Price (per person):$75 (Open Enrollment Price!), $200 for one-on-one instruction.