Adult Climbing Team

The Team for Adults is a structured training and climbing program for anyone 18 and over who wants to work on becoming a stronger, more confident climber. 

Training Program

Team Practice Schedule:


  • Fall Semester: Oct 9nd - Dec 20th, Mondays 7-10pm, Wednesdays 7-10pm
  • Winter Semester: Jan 2nd - Mar 7th, Mondays 7-10pm, Wednesdays 7-10pm
  • Spring Semester: Apr 2nd - Jun 13th, Mondays 7-10pm, Wednesdays 7-10pm

Each practice will include climbing drills, technique instruction, cross training and strength conditioning. We'll follow a program designed to tackle each discipline and cover all aspects of practical training for climbers. Team members are encouraged to take part in local competitions as a means to set goals and push themselves to achieve, however competition is not required.

By the end of the team year, you'll have more power, better endurance, and improved technique. You'll probably also look better naked. 




  • Climbing shoes at wholesale prices (approx. 55% of retail).
  • Discounted admission to all Metro Rock Competitions.
  • Access to private team outdoor trips and outdoor day trips.


The team is open to MetroRock members only!

Semester Fee: $345.00

All 3 Semesters: $1,035.00

*Monthly Payment options available


For more information, see the team info guide or contact:Alex Hansen - Head Coach or Shannon Lucia - Team Coordinator