New Climbers Overview

New to the sport? You've come to the right place! We offer a variety of options for budding climbers:

First things first - we need a waiver for every climber. If you're 18 or older, you can fill it out when you arrive at the gym.

For those under age 18 this means we need a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. If a parent is not with the child at the gym, please go to our waiver page to fill out an online waiver.

If you have no previous experience you can drop in anytime and try bouldering, and use the autobelays.

  • Bouldering is a type of climbing that is done on shorter walls. The goal is to touch a finishing hold, or sometimes even top-out (climb onto the top of the structure). Thick gymnastics mats are placed below the climber so they have a cushy landing when they jump down. Top-outs are permitted on certain structures, where the climber can walk down stairs when they finish a climb.
  • Autobelays are available if you want to climb the taller walls but don't know how to belay. After a quick tutorial by one of our staff, you will be able to climb up as high as you are able, then be gently lowered to the ground by the automatic braking system.

Kids are welcome to climb with us.

There is normally no age restriction but until the COVID19 virus is under control, all participants must wear a mask in the gym. If your young child is unable to keep a mask on, please consider another activity or wait until restrictions are relaxed. 

In general, we start our programs at age 5. Kids younger than that are welcome to climb, but don't always get a lot out of it. As much as we make the climbing terrain accessible to all, the youngest kids often can't reach holds, or don't understand the safety systems we employ. Other than age, there is a restriction on size; the auto belays and top ropes require climbers weigh at least 35 pounds.

If you or your children have never climbed before, our staff will get you geared up and show you and your children how to properly use the climbing walls. All children under 14 will need to be supervised by parents.

If you want to climb on top rope, you'll need to learn the ropes - literally.

We offer the Intro to Climbing (101) class for people 14 years and older. This will teach you how to properly tie-in, belay and communicate with your climbing partner. When you're done with the class you'll be ready to swap belays with your partner up any of our toprope stations. After taking this course, most students can safely pass the MetroRock belay check, necessary to climb in the gym. You also get a 10 day membership to the gym activated the moment the class is over!! This class is run regularly every day, includes all necessary equipment, and can be scheduled any time with advanced notice.