Advanced Climber (201)

Are your climbing workouts feeling lackluster lately? Do you feel like you have reached a plateau? The Advanced Climber course is designed to teach you skills necessary to get you to the next level. Many harder climbs require advanced training and technique that are beyond the basics. We will assess your strength, evaluate your technique, and grade your route finding strategy. Our goal is to give you the insight into what it will take for you to climb harder routes. The scorecard that we will use to assess your climbing fitness and grade your climbing know-how is found below. Course Details
This course is designed for: 5.7 - 5.9 range
Minimum Age:   Must be at least 14 years old
Max ratio: 4 Climbers : 1 Instructor
Dates: Open, Usually M-F 6:00pm  9:00pm
Instructors have some flexibility with the schedule, but reservations are required!
Equipment Requirements: None
Suggested Prerequisites: 101 or 102
Prices (per climber) $75 per person; course lasts 3 hours