Member News

Dear Members of the MetroRock Climbing Community,

The last 2 weeks have been a confusing and trying time in all of our lives. First and foremost, we hope that you and your families are safe, healthy, and hopeful. As climbers, we are used to looking after each other’s well-being, and we hope that the same spirit will help guide us forward to beat this pandemic. When all of this is over, we look forward to witnessing many happy reunions between friends and climbing partners in the gym.

In the past week, many of you have reached out to inquire about your memberships. First of all, thank you for your patience. We've been working diligently to keep up with events and move the administrative functions of five different facilities to a dozen or more kitchen tables and home offices across the Northeast. We've tried to respond to each inquiry as they come in, but our apologies if we missed yours.

Membership revenue is an integral part of our business model. With the gyms closed, this stream is the only income we have to keep us going. Many of our staff have been laid off to allow them to collect government benefits. The remaining crew are working on what we can to serve your needs and prepare for what comes next. We have made it clear to all of our employees that we are here for them and will help them to the extent of our abilities should the needs arise. Most of our overhead expenses remain active--rent, utilities, insurance, etc. To ensure we can reopen when the virus clears, we need to keep paying those bills. While we’re closed, 100% of membership revenue is going directly to pay those costs.


Here are your options regarding membership:

  • If you have a pre-paid time-based membership (annual, for instance) we will make up the lost time to some degree. We normally offer this to individuals for medical reasons, and as this is a global medical emergency, the same rules apply. We'll let you know the details once we have a concrete date to reopen.
  • If your membership is the monthly billing variety, we have NOT canceled all memberships. Canceling all memberships would require going through each account individually and we've had many members tell us they wish to continue to pay, in order to support the business. This is why we have asked that those wishing to cancel contact us directly to do so. For those who had unexpected payments go through or lost unexpected time due to closures, we will be treating it in the same manner as pre-paid memberships listed above, with exact details coming out when we have a date to reopen.
  • If you would like to turn off your payments, you have options. You can "cancel" it completely, and all future payments are stopped. Or, you can "freeze" the account and pay $10 per month as a holding fee. This is designed to give you flexibility and avoid the activation fee typically associated with this type of membership. In this case, that $10 would be a small way to help keep us going. However, we will be waiving the $29 activation fee for anyone who restarts their membership within 30 days of reopening. 

We understand that many people are hard hit by this pandemic and that your membership dues could well be used for more vital things. By all means, please tell us and we will cancel or freeze your account. We have to hear from you first, so please contact us and we'll take care of it. Be sure to let us know if you want to "cancel" or "freeze" your membership. All questions and concerns should be directed to the appropriate contac from the list below. For those who find themselves able to continue payments, the Metrorock family cannot express enough how much we appreciate your commitment. 

Thank you all for your patience, your kindness, and for being a valued member of the MetroRock climbing community. All decisions we make right now are based on current projections for the lockdown. We will reassess as time goes by, and continue to provide updates via social media and newsletters.

We hope to see you back on the walls ASAP. In the interim, please stay safe, be healthy, and be well.