Setting is the heart and soul of the gym!

We make sure our routes and boulders are fun, yet challenging. Our setting schedule ensures that new routes and boulders are created every week. We like to stay current with the latest sets of holds from shapers all over the world. Our in-house crew constructs volumes to provide new angles and terrain, keeping things fresh and interesting from all perspectives.

pardo Chief Route Setter
Zach Larson

Zach has been climbing since his teen years and has made it to USA Youth National team twice. He began setting at MetroRock in 2014 and quickly developed a brilliant sense of movement that takes other setters years to acquire.

For him, climbing is only part of the fun--jumping off at the top is the icing on the cake! Zach's hobbies include cliff diving, deep water soloing, hanging with his dog Titan, and exploring places he shouldn't be in. In 2015, he spent some time with his brother Josh in Puerto Rico cleaning boulders and scouting the island's amazing climbing potential.

He had the time of his life and put up the following proud boulders: Guaraguao V8, Groupie V8 (FA), The Crack V8 (FA), and The UtterMilker V8 (FA).


Andrew Kim

Andrew Kim has been climbing for 11 years, 8 years of competitive climbing and grew up competing in the USAC youth comps (Youth USAC climbing nationals: 2004-2011, 6 time youth USA climbing team and has competed in youth world championships 2010 and 2011.

Alex started routesetting in 2012 at his home gym in NJ, then ventured to BKB for a couple years and now brings his knowledge and skillsets to Metrorock. What he loves most about climbing is its unique, interesting and very exciting movements that pushes an individual's own physical and mental limits.

Proud ascents: kaleidoscope 5.13c rrg, toxic turkey 5.13c maple canyon, suspect device and busted shadow Bradley.

Favorite climbing areas: Hueco Tanks, Red River Gorge. Climbing heroes: Dave Wetmore for inspiring him - it's the reason he competes in the Dark Horse Series.