Setting is the heart and soul of the gym!

We make sure our routes and boulders are fun, yet challenging. Our setting schedule ensures that new routes and boulders are created every week. We like to stay current with the latest sets of holds from shapers all over the world. Our in-house crew constructs volumes to provide new angles and terrain, keeping things fresh and interesting from all perspectives.

Chief Route Setter
Zach Larson aka ZEL


Zach started climbing when he was 5 years old and as a youth climber was on the US National team twice. He began route setting in Everett, MA in 2014 with his brother Josh Larson, who is Head Coach for the USA Climbing team, and the legend himself Dave Wetmore.

As a setter, Zach has created routes for the highest level rope competitions, as he set for the 2019 Rope and Speed Youth Nationals. Zach has also set for our bouldering competition Dark Horse, for the past 6 seasons and has many other competition level sets under his belt.

Besides climbing, he enjoys hiking with his dog Titan and fishing for lunkers (aka large bass). Follow him on Instagram: @Larsony95