Indoor Lead Climber

 Looking for a greater challenge in the gym?

In this Indoor Lead Climber course, our experienced instructors will share the skills required for you to climb on lead. When you can confidently climb 5.10 a and are ready to advance your climbing to the next level, this class will give you access to the lead-only routes in the gym and provide a gateway to climbing outside. The main focus of the class is on basic lead climbing and belaying skills with some discussion on more advanced practices. Students should be prepared to climb and belay during class; climbing shoes, harness and ATC style belay device are required. Rope will be provided.

***Please Note*** Completion of this course will not qualify you to climb lead routes outdoors. 

Due to the increased risk of lead climbing, this course alone may not be enough instruction for everyone. See details on the supplemental course below.

We will teach you:

  • Belaying: how to spot and belay a lead climber
  • Leading: how to mitigate risk and climb efficiently on lead
  • Clipping: how to avoid back clipping and Z-clipping, and how to clip efficiently in a variety of positions
  • Falling and catching a fall: how to take a fall and provide a soft catch for a climber

Class Details                

This class is designed for:5.10 a or higher climbers*
Max ratio:     4 Climbers : 1 Instructor (2 person minimum)
Dates offeredSee our Calendar
Suggested Prerequisites:Intro to Climbing (101)
Prices (per climber): $100 ($85 for members**); One 3 Hour Class, practice session the following week (1st Saturday of each month)
Alternate Times:Alternate times are available upon request. To arrange an alternate class time, please email

* All lead class participants must be a 5.10 a or higher climber at MetroRock (climb 5.10 a's with out falling or weighting the rope). They must also be top rope certified at MetroRock, or be able to pass a MetroRock top rope test with an ATC-style belay device. If any participant is not able to climb at this level or not able to belay comfortably with an ATC, they will be restricted to only watching the class and that NO REFUNDS will be given in this situation.

**Members include annual, month-to-month, semester, and single month memberships. Punchcards and promotional memberships, such as those purchased through Groupon, are not included

Refund policy: If you need to cancel an event, we offer a full refund if the cancellation occurs 21 days or more before the event. If you are altering your booking within that period, we are happy to offer a credit for use at MetroRock, minus the deposit. We will not offer a refund for no-shows or cancellations within 48 hours before the event.