Getting Started

Welcome to MetroRock climbing! You'll find plenty of information on our programs and classes elsewhere on the site but we've got the basics covered right here. 

The MetroRock climbing community comes from all over the world with all different levels of experience.

New climbers: There is plenty of climbing available to you, regardless of experience or climbing knowledge. We also offer classes on everything from belaying to lead climbing to bouldering.

There's plenty to do for kids too! Check out our kid's programming options here.

Experienced climbers: You will love our various terrain! Our routesetting team is dedicated to creating interesting climbs in a variety of styles. MetroRock Climbing Centers has been around since 2004, but we are always working hard to stay ahead of the game to provide you with the latest training tools and classes.

What types of climbing do we offer?


Requiring neither a harness nor a rope, bouldering involves routes that are close to the ground. A thick crash pad acts as a protective mat below you. Bouldering is a great way to build skill because you can focus solely on using your strength and balance to keep yourself on the wall.

Auto-Belay Climbing

Auto-belay climbing is a way for you to climb on the taller walls without any previous climbing knowledge. An automatic belay device takes up slack in the rope as you climb, thereby negating the need for a belayer on the ground. When you reach the top, or if you fall, the device automatically catches you and slowly lowers you to the ground. You do not need any climbing knowledge to use the auto-belays, but you must receive an auto-belay orientation from a MetroRock staff member.

Top-Rope Climbing

When you’re top roping, the rope is secured to an overhead anchor in the gym. You tie into one end of the rope; the other end of the rope is held by a belayer, who manages the rope to catch you in case of a fall. You and the belayer must take a top-rope certification test through MetroRock to be able to top-rope climb.

Lead Climbing

Once you’ve become a skill top-rope climber, your next step is lead climbing. When lead climbing, you’ll tie into one end of the rope and clip it into a series of quickdraws that are already attached to bolts on the gym’s wall. Again, you’ll have a belayer. You and the belayer must take a lead certification test through MetroRock to be able to top-rope climb.