Experienced Climbers

If you are an experienced climber coming into MetroRock Station there is a lot of climbing to do! We offer top rope, leading, bouldering, yoga, a weight room and a climbing training area.

Here are some quick tips:

  • All new climbers to the gym need a waiver prior to climbing.
  • Anyone looking to top rope climb or belay needs to pass a belay test unless they are under the age of 14.
  • Our belay tests are on ATC style devices and prospective climber/belayers need to show they know how to tie in with a “rewoven figure eight,” how to load the ATC style belay device, what to look for during a pre-climb safety check and the belay commands.
  • There is a separate lead test. Prospective leaders must test on a 5.9 and have their own rope for the test. We do offer lead belay only tests, but lead climbers must also take a lead climbing and belaying test.
  • Check out our programs page for options for continued climbing education.
Click here for information on rates and memberships.