Basic Top Rope Safety (101)

Are you interested in climbing for the first time? Has it been a while since you have last climbed and are you looking for a refresher? This course is designed for beginners that are looking to take the first steps to get into rock climbing. Our professional staff will walk you through the basics and steps required to get you climbing on the ropes and having a great time. We will teach you:

  • Equipment: how to use a harness and belay device
  • Knots: tying in with a figure 8 follow-through, plus a fisherman's backup
  • Belaying: using a locking carabiner and ATC to confidently keep your climbing partner safe
  • Commands: how to communicate with your climbing partner
  • After taking this course, most students can safely pass the MetroRock belay check, necessary to climb in the gym


Course Details

This course is designed for:Beginners
Minimum Age:Must be at least 14 years old
Max ratio:6 Climbers : 1 Instructor
Dates:Weekdays 7:30-9pm. Weekends 12:30 - 2pm. Call us to arrange for a class at any other time.
Equipment Requirements:None
Suggested Prerequisites:None
Prices (per climber):$40, includes gear and day pass. $20 for ladies on Mondays!

Reservations are required!