Meet the Staff

Grant Farmer General Manager
Craig Berry

Craig spent his college years in Boston desperately dodging numerous friends' invitations to climb at the flagship location in Everett. Little did he know this would come to be one of his life's greatest regrets. Once finally taking the plunge and trying out the sport in 2016, he quickly became enamored with all things climbing and has been consistently immersed in the community ever since.

Craig's main discipline has always been bouldering, but he also enjoys sport climbing and is looking to take the next step into Trad climbing at the Gunks. Craig's main climbing experiences have been predominantly focused in the New England area, climbing in Rumney and Pawtukaway NH, as well as Farley and Lynn woods MA, and even down in Lincoln Woods RI. He has plans to visit many other locations such as Virgin Gorda, Red River Gorge, and others with any vacation time he has in the future.

When not climbing, Craig enjoys other outdoor activities, such as back country and resort snowboarding, hiking, and golfing.

Zach Assistant Manager - Operations
Andrew Brook

This is Andrew Brook.

Esther Dionisio Assistant Manager - Marketing
Esther Dionisio

New York City native! Esther has been climbing since August 2016. She thought she’d have a career in television as a production assistant or video editor. But after discovering her obsession for climbing, she decided to pivot her career and revolve it around that. Climbing is the type of sport where it doesn’t matter if you male, female, strong, or weak. It’s a sport filled with passionate people where you can find your own path and goals. After a few years of being involved in the climbing community and making new friends, she’s now MetroRock Brooklyn’s Social Media Guru!

Her and Mackenzie started the gym’s first Women Crush Wednesdays! Bringing discounted day passes to all women, all day, every Wednesdays. Their goal is to create space for one of the many minority groups in climbing. Join them for their WCW Socials at Bushwick’s local bars!

Esther’s fear of heights keeps her close to the ground with bouldering. Her favorite place to climb is at Red Rock in Vegas. She’s only been climbing at The Gunks, HP40, and Red Rock. She hopes to do more road trips with her partner in their Mini van (Luzer Cruiser). You can follow their journey via Instagram (@ececlare). Other hobbies include belaying and spotting her friends, having diner coffee and hanging out with her cats.

Mackenzie TaylorAssistant Manager - Programs
Mackenzie Taylor
Mackenzie hails from the South; growing up in Houston before moving to Austin for 8 years. True to most Texans, she thrives in the heat and could do without these brisk New York winters, but thinks the whole snowing thing is pretty neat. She grew up playing an assortment of sports, ranging from soccer and softball to karate and a brief stint on a swim team before finally finding dance in high school.

She was introduced to climbing at Austin Bouldering Project through a friend 3 years ago. Her attempts to "not get that into it" obviously did not work out well. The climbing community sucked her in and welcomed her with open arms.

She now gets to call MetroRock her home and enjoy the luxury of working in her own neighborhood. While she loves the challenge of breaking through a plateau and figuring out the puzzle pieces of a climb, what brings her the most joy is the climbing community. It has simultaneously shown support and encouragement while testing her physical and mental limits. She believes the community can continue to grow and has been working with her best friend and fellow MetroRocker, Esther, to support avenues of accessibility in climbing. When she's not working at the desk or climbing, you can find her studying to be a setter, teaching pilates, dancing or eating an absurd amount of hot cheetos.