We are psyched to be using the Kaya App - which will help you track all of your climbs and progress. Below is a map showing you all the routes and boulders that have been set including the date they were set.

The setting crew at any MetroRock location is a psyched group of men and women who take their love of climbing movement and share it with all of our members and visitors. We post daily on our Instagram Page which you should follow to get motivation for your next time in. Setting is the heart and soul of a rock gym so we make sure our routes and boulders are fun yet challenging. Our setting schedule ensures that new routes and boulders are created every week.

Kasia Pietras, our Director of Routesetting, oversees the process at all of our locations with Everett Chief Setter Jon Brock taking care of the day to day workload in Everett. We like to stay current with the latest sets of holds and volumes, so we invite you to come and check out our boulders and routes. Don't forget to tag us so we can feature you on our Instagram page. Below is a video of Jon climbing one of the weekly featured slab climbs found in the Stable.

The Everett routesetting crew consists of Head Setter Jon Brock (JBMR), Matt Cary (MGC), Scot Chiavelli(SJC), Eric Holmes (EPH), Erika Rothrock (Rika), and Kevin Donovan.

If you are interested in applying for a routesetting position please fill out the following application.