Mindfulness Training

When we see athletes like Alex Honnold free solo El Capitan, or Margo Hayes persevere to complete that infamous 5.15a route, we are (rightfully so) often in awe of their abilities, both physical and mentally. They and many others are our climbing heroes, and most of us seek to find the secret to reaching our own climbing goals, and overcoming our individual fears.

Recent research provides strong evidence that practicing non-judgemental, present moment awareness changes the brain (A. Rainey, 2014). Mindfulness helps train the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that supports a calm and creative state of mind, leading to peak performance by improving focus, avoiding distractions and increasing the mind body connection. A mindful athlete has the ability to tune in and make whatever adjustment is needed, in the moment (physiological or emotional), to relax the body and focus the mind on the current performance. This ability enhances the possibility of tapping into the flow state of peak performance, what many athletes refer to as, "the zone".


MetroRock offers an array of training options for the body but all the strength in the world can’t help if your mind is not in control of the situation. Mindfulness Training, offered by Anna Enright, APRN, BC, offers climbers the chance to train for mental focus to achieve at a higher level. Participation in her workshops will help individuals have a better understanding of the research and skills required to cultivate awareness and focused attention to the present moment. These skills will empower the ability to "know ourselves" and more skillfully respond to stress (fear of falling, self defeating thoughts, body tension etc). 

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The next workshop will start on Thursday, April 26th, 2018 and will run from 7:15pm to 8:30pm every Thursday for six weeks. A minimum of 5 sign-ups is required for the workshop to run, and a maximum of 10 participants, so sign up now! Weekly workshop will be held in the back lounge at MetroRock Everett. Upon your arrival, ask the front desk if you are unsure as to where this is located.

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