Kids Programs

Kids love to climb and we're happy to see them on our walls achieving great things!

Our gyms are always open for children to boulder, use the auto-belays and explore. We'll fit them with shoes and harnesses, show parents how to use the gear safely and they're off! Be sure to bring your camera to capture the moment.

If you're interested in having a staff member guide your child, please call ahead to reserve a belayer. This will give your child more of the gym to work with and some instruction will help them reach greater heights. The cost of a belayer is $25/hour.

To run the ropes course with your child, a reservation is also required. The big ropes course is suitable for anyone over four feet tall, the kids ropes course is perfect for younger kids. 

Birthday parties, scout outings and overnights are a great way for kids and their friends to climb together and take part in a unique group activity. 

Our camps, after school programs and team are a great way to further develop your child's interest in climbing.