New Climbers

We offer a variety of options for beginners:

Without any experience, you can always drop in and try bouldering and our auto belays. Bouldering is a type of climbing that is done without ropes or a harness, but has the climber stay closer to the ground. We provide gymnastic pads for you to land on and allows you to try challenging problems. After a quick tutorial, we can show you how to use our automatic belayer devices that will allow you to climb taller walls without a partner. This is a great way to enjoy taller climbs and work on your climbing endurance. To learn to use the 2 person belay system and climb on the roped climbing walls, we offer a couple of class options for beginners:
  • The basic safety class will teach you proper use the ropes. The price includes all gear rental and a day pass allowing you to climb afterwards. This class is offered every day of the week.
  • The Learn to Climb class covers how to properly use the ropes as well as technique on how to climb better as a beginner. The price includes all gear rental, a day pass for the day you take the class, and a return pass with gear rental for your next visit. This class is offered weekend mornings.