Meet the Staff

Dave Director of MetroRock Route Setting
Dave Wetmore

Dave started climbing and setting at MetroRock since the beginning and hasn't stopped yet. As director of routesetting, he oversees the application of plastic at all our locations.

As a USAC Level 5 setter for both Adult and Youth ABS Nationals as well as Youth SCS Nationals, he has been involved in many USAC Nationals comps. In addition, he was on the crew for the 2015 Pan-American games and was the head setter for the 2014 Dominion River Rock boulder fest and the chief the 2013 Citizen's GoPro Mountain Games. Closer to home, Dave has helmed the Dark Horse Bouldering Series since 2009.

 Having bouldered V14, climbed 5.14, and competed at the World Cup level, he thinks he's really cool and to be honest, he's right. If he's not at the gym, you can find him getting lost in the woods somewhere in New Hampshire.

obeDirector of Coaching
Obe Carrion

Obe Carrion is a 24 year veteran of climbing. At 13 years of age, a climbing gym opened a few blocks from his home in Allentown, PA., sparking one of the most-publicized careers in climbing. In the late 90's and early 00's, he was all over the climbing scene--starring in several films produced by Big UP Productions which cemented his place as a prominent icon in the climbing industry. His career as a competitor culminated in winning Nationals in 2002, cementing his position in the US climbing scene.

Obe’s focus began to wander to other aspects of the climbing industry and he quickly realized his passion and talent for coaching and gained the opportunity to work with some of the best youth competitors in the country. Obe also has worked as a product designer for Mad Rock Climbing including his debut shoe design, the RedLine.

Obe continues his journey as a professional in the climbing industry here at Metro Rock where he's in charge of the training and coaching programs, setting routes and sharing his expertise as a climber.

Megan BMarketing Strategist
Megan Berkowitz

Megan started climbing at MetroRock Everett while she was studying as an undergraduate at Tufts University, finding the sport a great way to stay strong and get outside after an ankle injury kept her from continuing to run cross-country and track. She quickly got hooked on climbing and on the Everett gym, and learned to lead within a year in order to climb during a trip to Washington’s Columbia River Gorge. She grew up running, swimming, and Irish step dancing, and now enjoys backpacking and cycling in addition to climbing. Megan takes point on marketing for all of the MetroRock gyms, as well as for Dark Horse, Iron Maiden, and Urban Peaks.

Grant Farmer Manager Boston
Grant Farmer

Grant started climbing in college in 2008 at the school's climbing wall. Soon after starting, his friend took him to Foster Falls in Tennessee and he got hooked on real rock. He recently red-pointed his first 5.13 (Tin Man, Rumney, NH). His favorite climbs are Millennium Falcon at Rumney, Cuttlefish at Farley Ledges, The Gift in the Red, and Skywalker in Squamish. One of his non-climbing accomplishments is thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2012.

As manager at MetroRock, he leads the team and is in charge of staffing, retail for all of MetroRock, and tackling all the random problems as they arise.

pardoChief Route Setter
Zach  Larson

Zach has been climbing since his teen years and for half of that time, he's made it to Youth Nationals and been on the USA Youth National team twice. He began setting at MetroRock in 2014 and quickly developed a brilliant sense of movement that takes other setters years to acquire.

For him, climbing is only part of the fun--jumping off at the top is the icing on the cake! Zach's hobbies include cliff diving, deep water soloing, hanging with his dog Titan, and exploring places he shouldn't be in.

In 2015, he spent some time with his brother Josh in Puerto Rico cleaning boulders and scouting the island's amazing climbing potential. He had the time of his life and put up the following proud boulders: Guaraguao V8, Groupie V8 (FA), The Crack V8 (FA), and The UtterMilker V8 (FA).

Rachel Manager Boston Program Coordinator
Rachel McGraw

Rachel is a master carpenter, chef, bike rider, climbing instructor and master of organization. Her dream is to move to the mountains where she can build her own house from scratch. In addition to being a real-life female version of Ron Swanson, she is available to help with MetroRock membership issues and is the program coordinator.

damien.jpg Manager Boston Facilities
Damien Katzmark

Damien started climbing in his home away from home in North Carolina. Learning the basics on some of the best rock in the country, Damien can throw down with the best of them. In the gym, he's on task with keeping this old building upright and well maintained--no small job!

Josh KlockarsAssistant Manager - Camp Director
Josh Klockars

Josh has never felt content working in an office, and has always felt most at home outside. He spent 5 yrs working in the rope access industry, before realizing he wanted to share his love of climbing with others. Now he spends his weekdays in Everett as Camp Director and Assistant Manager, while his weekends are spent guiding, and cruising easy trad and ice in New Hampshire.

AlexHead Coach
Alex Hansen

Alex was introduced to climbing at MetroRock and has become a fixture over the last 3 years. He believes that route setting and coaching are the best ways for him to share his passion of climbing. Alex is the Head Coach of our Youth Climbing Team in Newburyport and Assistant Coach of our Nationals Team in Boston. Although he shares his passion in the gym, Alex's true passion is found in nature. Alex's says, " Climbing on rock, in beautiful settings, is a meditative experience for me; it's my way of interacting with nature." Alex considers himself a boulderer, but is no slouch when it comes to sport climbing.

Andrew Kim

East coast boy! Repping the dirty jerz. I have been climbing for 11 years, 8 years of competitive climbing. Grew up competing in the USAC youth comps. Youth USAC climbing nationals: 2004-2011, 6 time youth usa climbing team. Competed in youth world championships 2010 and 2011.

Started routesetting 2012 at my home gym in NJ, then bkb for a couple years and now bringing my knowledge and skillsets to Metrorock. I love climbing for its unique, interesting and very exciting movements pushing an individuals own physical and mental limits. And the Climbing community is an awesome group of eclectic and passionate people, which just inspires others to also rock climb and pursue your own passions.

Proud ascents: kaleidoscope 5.13c rrg, toxic turkey 5.13c maple canyon, suspect device and busted shadow Bradley. 

Favorite climbing areas: hueco tanks, red river gorge.

Climbing heroes: Dave Wetmore for being the best baddest bigdogg I know; he inspires and is the reason why I compete in the Darkhorse series. And Ashima Shiraishi because of course!

Other hobbies: I like cats. And dogs. And fun in the sun.