Meet the Staff




kasiaDirector of Routesetting - New England

Kasia Pietras

Kasia started to climb at the age of 8 in a small bouldering gym in Chicago (Hidden Peak). She has been competing since the age of 12 on a national and international level. After competing for a number of years she started turning some of her focus to setting. Within the last 3 years she’s helped set over 30 national level events. In 2007 she moved to Chattanooga for school and during her time there, Kasia started to work at Tennessee Bouldering Authority eventually becoming the general manager. In 2015 she become part owner of the gym. She is now ready to start a new chapter of her life in Boston.




Arinn_EnwrightAssistant Manager

Arinn Enwright

Arinn grew up driving her parents crazy climbing everything. She fell in love with the gym; finding a place where climbing to the top was encouraged! That energy still hasn't subsided. Arinn started working at Metrorock about four years ago and is proud to say she has worked one of every shift available and has been to each location. Arinn enjoys construction projects, loves coffee and spends all of her free time hiking with her dog or exploring at the beach. "If you can smell yourself, you're not working fast enough!"



Scot_ChiavelliFacilities Manager

Scot Chiavelli

Scot started climbing at Metrorock almost 5 years ago and has never looked back. Originally it was just a way to workout when he couldn’t play hockey but over time climbing has grown into more of a lifestyle. Now he is involved in various aspects of climbing at the gym, including coaching and routesetting. Scot also oversees maintenance and construction projects at Metrorock. Some major projects he’s worked on include, building the ropes course in Burlington, Replacing the floors in Newburyport, working on the Everett expansion and constructing the front desk in Brooklyn. Even with all of this, he still finds time to climb a few days a week and even occasional sneak up to Rumney.





alecAssistant Manager

Alec Fiorentino

Alec graduated from Ithaca College in 2015 with a degree in Music Education. So naturally, he finds himself now assistant managing and climbing walls while smothered in chalk at MetroRock! He has been bouldering since the summer of 2017, and has gotten so hooked that it made perfect sense to leave the music teaching world to get more involved in the climbing lifestyle.

Always destined to be a bit different, Alec has a lot of trouble sitting still - when not at the gym, he can be found playing guitar for a metal band, taking solo drives from coast to coast in his Subaru Outback, blundering through repairs on his road bike, or attempting to learn Italian. Come by and talk rocks and music!!