Activities for Kids

Kids are natural climbers and have a great time in our facilities. They overcome challenges, get exercise and build confidence by reaching the top of climbs.

At any time, you may bring your kids to the gym for supervised bouldering or auto-belay climbing. Bouldering is climbing short walls with thick crash pads below. Auto-belays are devices that keep climbers from falling from taller climbing walls.

If you want to have your children try climbing on the tall walls with ropes and harnesses, a certified belayer is needed. If you or an accompanying adult is certified, you may belay them. Please note: belaying requires training and you will not pass the belay test if you've never done it before.

If you are not belay certified, a staff member can belay them by appointment. Walk-ins are welcome Friday through Monday from 10am to 3pm, available on a first come, first served basis. Advanced reservations are required for all other times, as we don't normally have staff available for on-demand belays.

If a belayer is not available, kids are welcome to climb on the boulders under your supervision. Bouldering allows them to climb more frequently than rope climbs and thought they don't climb to the same heights, they enjoy conquering the boulder walls as much as rope climbs.

***PLEASE NOTE*** All children must have a waiver signed by a parent of guardian before they can climb in the gym. Waivers are available here or can be filled out in the gym.