Send or Surrender

Send or Surrender

Sat Apr 8 - 9:00am

This will be a USA Climbing local Sport comp (there will not be a speed climbing component). USAC membership is required.


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This is a flash format competition, so a strict running order will be assigned to all climbers. The final running order will be posted near the end of the week. Must input valid e-mail address in order to be properly notified of running order.

Registration is closed at this time. We are no longer accepting more participants.


Running order

Check in times are below. Climbing will commence 30-60min after check in time.
Youth D - F9am
Youth D - M11am
Youth C - F12:45pm
Youth C - M2:45pm
Youth B - F9am
Youth B - M11am
Youth A - F1pm
Youth A - M2:15pm
Junior - F1pm
Junior - M2:15pm


Parents/guardians, this flash format event needs many volunteer judges and it's a great low-key opportunity to learn more about how judging works at championship events like Regionals and Divisionals. Please consider signing up HERE and we'll make sure you are trained and ready. Thanks.


  • Each climber with climb three routes
  • Lead climbing for all B/A/Jr. competitors
  • Top-rope climbing for C/D competitors.
  • Waivers signed by parents or legal guardians will be required for all participants

Want to sing up as a judge? Click here

Questions? Want to sign up as a belayer? Please contact