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Dark Horse Season 5
The Dark Horse Bouldering Series is our signature boulder competition. MetroRock’s fifth year of the Dark Horse Series will be in full swing this winter—a four comp series culminating in a heart-stopping Championship round where six of the country's most vicious, blood-thirsty competitors battle for this year’s title. Youth and Junior competitors will also have a shot in their own Finals category for each competition.

Schedule for this year:
Oct 12 : Dark Horse #1- MetroRock Everett
Nov 16: Dark Horse #2- MetroRock Newburyport
Dec 14: Dark Horse #3- MetroRock Everett
Feb 1: Dark Horse Finals- MetroRock Everett

The full schedule of events, results, registration information, pictures and video from past events and more can be found at the Dark Horse website.