Ice Climber (203)

Let's go climb some ICE! The Ice Climber class is a full one-day class designed for climbers with some experience (either indoors or outdoors) to come experience the thrill of climbing frozen water! Never climbed outside before? Great! Use this class as a great way to experience outdoor climbing for the first time! Looking to improve your ice climbing technique? Come join us! Our instructors will help you hone those ice climbing skills!
In this class you will learn:

  • How to use ice climbing equipment
  • Safe Climbing
  • Movement and Technique

Location: Depending on conditions, we will meet at one of several great ice climbing crags in Southern New Hampshire and the White Mountains. Dress in warm layers!

To book a private class, please email us or give us a ring at 978.255.3807
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Class Details
Designed for:Climbers looking to experience ice climbing for the first time, or want to hone their basic ice climbing skills.
Length:Full Day / 8 Hours
Minimum Age:16 (email for exceptions)
Max Ratio:5 Climbers : 1 Instructor
Suggested Pre-requisites:Should be belay certified. Intro to Outdoor Climbing (103), Indoor Basic Safety Class (101), Outdoor Climber (121)
Price (per person):$175 (Open Enrollment price), $350 for One-on-One instruction.
Groups:Email ( for group rates and custom classes

Guided Adventures

The MetroRock Climbing school is always excited to facilitate your next high adventure. We can run:
  • Family outings
  • Group climbing
  • Multi-pitch adventures
  • Bouldering Tours
  • Alpine experiences
email us or give us a ring at 978.255.3807

Self Rescue (321)

Learn the skills to get you out of any situation! This 6 hour class covers everything you need to know to deal with climbing's common dilemmas! Get prepared! 

In this class you will learn:

  • Ascending techniques
  • Descending techniques
  • How to escape the belay
  • Hauling systems
  • Passing knots

Location: Local crags located anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour drive from Boston.

Class Details

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