MetroRock is pleased to offer Yoga classes on a regular basis. Classes are taught by experienced yoga instructors who also share the passion of climbing. This allows them to focus-in on strengthening and stretching core muscles used in the sport. Yoga practice will help you increase flexibility, strength and mental focus; all vital elements to improve your climbing abilities!

Yoga is FREE for members and just $5 for non-members.


  • Monday through Thursday from 7:30-8:30pm

Cindy Jao, Lead Instructor Cindy discovered a love of yoga several years ago and hasn’t looked back since. She completed an intense 200-hour training in India, where she lived on an ashram, deepened her practice, and immersed herself in the yogic lifestyle. Her teaching comes from the heart, and blends her own experiences doing yoga in the East and the West. Her classes emphasize proper alignment and coordination of breath with movement, providing a foundation for developing the individual practice. She is continually inspired by the amazing teachers, students, crossfitters, runners, and climbers that surround her and hopes to share her love of yoga with them.

Kate Curtis Since coming to her yoga practice reluctantly, Kate has learned that even the most cynical of practitioners (ie herself) can find outer and inner strength through yoga. Once she realized the amazing power of yoga, she furthered her yogic journey by completing her 200-hour training at B Yoga Center in Melrose and her 500-hour training with Daniel Orlansky, as well as numerous certifications. Kate's classes include a focus on proper alignment that is designed to be accessible to all levels of practitioners. Infused into her classes are encouragement, humor, loving kindness and an emphasis on the shared human experiences within the group. Kate’s passion lies in guiding practitioners to feeling strength and comfort in their mind, body, and soul. Her classes range from being gentle with a meditative ambiance to athletic and focused on confidence-building.

Steven Palmer Steven Palmer is a 200hr certified yoga teacher through Charlestown Yoga. Teaching evolved out of his desire to provide resiliency and reintegration wellness services to veterans managing combat stress. He strives to deepen, and share his own yoga practice with others in a positive and encouraging environment. Seeking to strengthen his belief that Yoga is a nice compliment to other sports, and can benefit all body types. Steve strives to provide a judgment-free environment with safe sequencing where students can try new things, and just be in the moment. Outside of the yoga studio, Steve is a jack of all sports, and can be found holding community classes, at CrossFit, hiking, surfing the huge waves of New England, and skiing the icy slopes of the East. Down time is also spent at the Museum of Fine Arts with his daughter Sydney.

Lisa Matthews As a lifelong athlete, Lisa came to the mat more than 10 years ago after a car accident left her with whiplash and limited mobility in her neck. Yoga not only helped her heal, but gave a renewed strength along with flexibility she didn't think was possible. Helping her ski friends recover from sore hamstrings, hips, and quads after a long weekend on the slopes finally sparked the interest for her to move from student to teacher. She completed her 200 hour teacher training at Back Bay Yoga Studio in Boston. Her vinyasa training is infused with Ashtanga, Forrest, Yin, Anusara, and Iyengar and she brings a lighthearted and inquisitive nature to her classes. When she started climbing in the fall of 2012, she couldn't believe how a sport could align with the practice of balance, strength, breath, and mental fortitude so perfectly -- she is thrilled to bring her yoga practice to the climbing community at MetroRock.