MetroRock Climbing Team

MetroRock Climbing Team

Does your child climb like a monkey?

Come join Team MetroRock, our nationally-ranked youth climbing team! Together this group of dedicated kids come together nine months out of the year to train, work on technique, and develop as climbers. While a certain level of commitment is expected, there is plenty of time to have fun on and off the walls with the rest of the team. Though there is no requirement to compete, many of the group look forward to testing themselves at local, regional and national competitions as part of the USA Climbing Championships. Each year, several members from our competitive team typically advance to Divisionals, Nationals, and even Worlds!

The coaching staff, led by Steve Buck, work with kids from grade school through high school in weekly practice sessions. We help kids become competition level climbers by practicing drills and strength routines, as well as by sharpening climbing techniques and skills. Team kids have fun, learn to work hard to achieve their goals, and strive to reach their full potential.

Our world class facilities feature extensive bouldering areas, tall walls for rope climbing and an IFSC speed walls, giving our team a training edge. Optional group trips to top-rated outdoor climbing areas, both regional and national, provide a great opportunity to have fun outside and give team members a chance to test their skills on real rock.

If your kids are ready to take climbing to the next level, contact us, or for more information see the 2013 - 2014 Team Information Guide.