Fri Nov 28 - 10:00am

Get in line early and you can save big $$ on a 30 day membership! The first person will pay just $10 with the amount going up by $5 for everyone afterwards. When it reaches $70, it will stay there for the rest of the day.

Where? At all the Everett and Newburyport MetroRock locations!

Terms: First come, first serve. One purchase per customer. Membership will begin that day. You must be present to make the purchase. If you already have a membership, this will add 30 days to it.

Sat Dec 6 - 9:00am
Here is the schedule for the Championship:
iso opens climbing groups
Session 1 9:00am 10:00am - 12:00pm Youth A and Junior
Session 2 11:30am 12:30pm - 2:30pm Youth B and Male Youth C
Session 3 2:00pm 3:00pm - 5:00pm Female Youth C and Youth D

Iso closes 45 mins after it opens.

Thu Sep 18 - 2:45pm

EPIC Intercollegiate Sleepover at Metrorock! Join college students from around the area for a night of climbing and fun!

There will be yoga, parkour, the challenge course, crate stacking, pj contests, a climbing comp and MOOOORREEEE!!!

Bring your climbing gear or rent at the gym (included in the price) and be ready for adventure. Don't forget your blanket and pillow!

This Fall, Granite Girls will be offering a class devoted to lead climbing- Love Leading. It's for women who are already lead certified but want to improve their practical skills and overcome the heady challenges of climbing on lead.

Sun Sep 7 - 4:00pm

September 7, 4-6pm

Come to a free team practice and see what the adult team will have in store for members.

We'll do some training, talk schedule, set expectations and get all your questions answered.

The Adult Team is a training program for adults looking to improve their climbing in a group workout setting. The team will train for competitions, outdoor projects and general fitness through a variety of lessons, drills and LOTS of climbing. Workouts will be twice a week, once on Sunday, once on a weeknight.

Perks of joining the team:

August2 SatOutdoor Climber (121) Red Rock
August 9Sat Top Rope Manager Basic (221)TBD
August9 SatTrad Climber Basic (421) #1 TBD
August 10Sun Trad Climber Basic (421) #2TBD
August10 SunSport Climber (303) Rumney
August 17Sun Self Rescue Basic (321)Red Rock