Indoor Lead Climber (301)

Indoor Lead Climber (301)

 Looking for a greater challenge in your climbing visits to the gym? Looking to ratchet up the excitement? Grab the Sharp End of the rope! The Indoor Lead Climber course will teach you the skills required to safely climb on lead. When you can confidently climb 5.9 and are ready to advance your climbing to next level, this class will give you access to the lead-only routes in the gym and provide a gateway to climbing outside. The main focus of the class is on basic lead climbing and belaying skills with some discussion on more advanced practices. Students should be prepared to climb and belay during class; climbing shoes, harness and ATC style belay device are required. Rope will be provided.

***Please Note*** Completion of this course will not qualify you to safely and successfully climb lead routes outdoors. 

Due to the increased risk of lead climbing, this course alone may not be enough instruction for all students. See details on the supplemental course below.
We will teach you:

  • Belaying: how to spot and belay a lead climber
  • Leading: how to climb on the sharp end of the rope safely and efficiently
  • Clipping: how to avoid back clipping and Z-clipping, and how to clip efficiently in a variety of positions
  • Falling and catching a fall: how to safely take a fall and how to provide a soft catch

Class Details                

This class is designed for:5.9 or higher climbers
Max ratio:     6 Climbers : 1 Instructor
Dates offeredEvery first and third Sunday of the month from 9AM to 12PM
Suggested Prerequisites:Advanced Climber (201)
Prices (per climber): $75 ($63.75 for members)
Supplemental Training Class: $25/person, M-Th 6pm to 7pm, reservation required. This is an opportunity to practice lead skills. It is offered to anyone who has failed their lead test or needs to practice more before they take it. A minimum of 2 students is required or one student and an already certified lead climber.

Want to Work on your Leading Skills?

Join the Love Leading Course! This class is designed to improve your "lead head" and develop skills for climbing, clipping and belaying more efficiently on lead.

4 sessions, Tuesday nights, 7:15-9:15.

Next session: May 5th through the 26th.

$205.00 member, $240.00 non member For more information: Email Gillers!


Refund policy: Full refund if cancelled 21 days or more before the event. Reschedule or store credit applied for cancellations within 21 days. No refund after the event in case of a no-show.